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cwc with the mission of connecting the community, as well as a bridge between potential projects to users.

Contract Address: 0x2292ff9c69a79b55b20c432076fd8c0a9e2a9940

Refer Friends. Earn Crypto Together

Referral to get 20% commission from Advertising Campaign in Section I of the Manifesto. Referral NO LIMIT !

You can access and refer to the details of the contest in Section IV of the Manifesto.

Please click the GET REF LINK button to copy the link then share it with your community.

Airdrop Pool Wallet: 0x545DC0E654E5c39926721B7E439E75a03D6f8689

CWC Partners Pool Wallet: 0xe099B00614e52eAD3e19fC0F8E76E4e82180dbc8

Top #5 Pool Wallet: 0x28eb647a55e86208ac78F030ee4063eFa8eB3b8A

Total Pool Wallet: 0xd886BBe4107D185667C8791D4bC791A74D587D66